$1.8 Million Settlement Reached In Truck Accident That “Accordion Sandwiched” A Car.

Truck accidents can be deadly. Because of the size and sheer weight of large commercial trucks, they can be difficult to maneuver and can cause damage unparalleled to smaller passenger cars. To minimize the risk of harm, trucking regulations are in place prohibiting truck drivers from operating commercial trucks for more than eleven hours at a time. This is intended to reduce driver fatigue and increase driver attentiveness on the roadways. Too often, truck drivers are tempted to drive beyond the eleven hour limit. When they do, and accidents occur, the consequences can be fatal.

Attorney Eric P. Smith recently settled his client’s federal lawsuit against a truck driver and his trucking company. His client, Samer Algahmi, was driving westbound on I-84 when his car was suddenly struck by a large rig truck. The truck accident occurred around midnight on February 12, 2013. Alhahmi’s cousin was also in the vehicle, although his injuries were fortunately less severe.

The impact from the crash plowed Algahmi’s vehicle into a snow bank. He described the vehicle as being “accordion sandwiched” with its back end smashed from the impact with the truck and the front end destroyed by the impact with the snow bank. According to the Connecticut Law Tribune, the car was barely recognizable.

Algahmi was severely injured in the crash, suffering from a fractured vertebrae, fractured skull and cheek bones, a broken rib, a concussion and hearing loss. He was treated at the Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford for two weeks before being transported for eight weeks of inpatient rehabilitation. He required a year-and-a-half of outpatient rehabilitation. Despite the medical treatment and rehab, it is unlikely that Algahmi will regain his full physical potential. Prior to the accident, Algahmi worked mostly manual labor jobs, including restaurant kitchen work and an outdoor placement at a recycling facility. Both jobs would prove difficult today in light of his life-altering injuries. Being out of work and struggling to support his family financially, Algahmi has struggled with depression.

In light of his medical bills, emotional distress and lost wages, the truck driver and trucking company recently agreed to settle the personal injury lawsuit. The driver and rig company agreed to pay $1.8 million to Algahmi. The hope is that this money can provide some security to Algahmi’s family while he attempts to find less physically demanding employment.

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