1 Killed and 5 Injured in Iowa Truck Accident.

A Ford F-250 pickup truck was being used to conduct a livestock auction in Kalona, Iowa. The driver of the pickup truck was attempting to move a horse trailer. Unfortunately, he then suddenly suffered a health problem, possibly a heart attack, resulting in a motor vehicle accident.

The driver hit the accelerator and lost control of the motor vehicle. The vehicle sped into a crowd of auctioneers without warning.

Several auction workers were in the bed of the truck and were thrown out when it sped forward. The truck hit about six or seven people, as well, before it struck a tree and eventually stopped.

One person, who had been thrown out of the bed of the truck, was pronounced dead at the scene of the truck accident. The driver and two other passengers of the truck had serious personal injuries. Two individuals from the crowd were also injured.

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