11,000 Salmon Lost Roadside When Transport Truck Crashes.

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Now more than ever, the trucking industry in America is thriving. The number of large trucks and tractor-trailers on our roadways grows each and every day. This might be wonderful for the commercial trucking industry, but this fact can be devastating for the millions of passenger vehicles who are obligated to share the road with vehicles four to five times their weight and size.

Knowing the substantial injuries that can be caused by truck accidents, one Oregon tanker truck driver is thankful that no one was hurt when his truck crashed into a ditch alongside McKenzie Highway near Waterville. The truck driver inadvertently missed a curve, causing his truck to crash into a power pole before eventually coming to a halt in a roadside ditch. Although the truck driver was hospitalized with a broken shoulder and possible concussion, he escaped what could have been much more severe injuries.

When the crash occurred, the tanker truck’s load spilled out of the tipped truck. It is what was inside that is making headlines. The tanker truck had been transporting an estimated 11,000 juvenile salmon that had recently hatched. A biologist with the McKenzie Hatchery where the salmon were hatched reported that an estimated 227,000 salmon were being transferred from the McKenzie Hatchery to the Row River due to environmental issues near the hatchery. The crash caused the highway to become littered with 11,000 small fish, closing the highway for about an hour. Fortunately, no persons were injured. The same, however, cannot be said for the baby salmon.

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