$14 Million Awarded To Paralyzed Truck Driver Injured In 2011 Big Rig Accident.

The commercial trucking industry in the United States is thriving. Each day, there are more and more tractor-trailers on American highways. This might be great news for the commercial trucking industry, but this fact makes roadways more dangerous for the millions of passenger vehicles that have to share the road with large, and sometimes lethal, trucks.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, there were 3,921 people killed and 104,000 people injured in crashes involving large trucks in last year alone. In light of the size and sheer weight of most commercial trucks, truck accident victims and their families are often left to face life-altering injuries or even death.

Colin Lacy was awarded $14 million last month after a settlement was reached during jury deliberations in his truck accident personal injury lawsuit. Under the settlement agreement, both sides have agreed not to appeal the jury verdict. Lacy was involved in a devastating truck accident in 2011. Lacy, who lives in Mobile, Alabama, had been on his way to a jobsite in Florida at the time of the crash. His big rig’s antilock break system failed while he was driving along Interstate 10 near Niceville, Florida.

As reported by AL.com, the life-threatening accident occurred just days before Lacy’s big rig had been serviced by defendant-servicer Empire Truck Sales. According to the lawsuit, Empire Truck Sales had negligently left a lateral control rod detached. Even more concerning, Lacy had returned to the defendant-servicer just days before the accident to report that the truck was vibrating. Still, the company failed to repair the defect.

The accident left Lacy with severe and life-altering personal injuries. He spent two months in the hospital, and will require a wheelchair for the remainder of his life. According to Lacy’s attorney, Greg Allen, the settlement money could not come soon enough for Lacy. The $14 million settlement will allow Lacy to customize his home to make it handicap accessible. Years after the crash, Lacy is still unable to shower in his own home—so this settlement money will mean big changes for his everyday life. Because the parties agreed to the settlement, Lacy is expected to receive his money within thirty days of the agreement.

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