$700,000 Settlement Reached In Fresno, California Auto Accident Involving Distracted Tow Truck Driver.

Cars have made our daily lives easier and more convenient, and have also made it possible for people to stay more connected. This convenience, ease and joy that is involved with motor vehicles also carries with it the obligation and duty to behave in a safe and responsible manner. That duty is intended to not only protect the drivers themselves, but also passengers, pedestrians and other drivers on the road. Unfortunately, there are many distractions that drivers in the 21st century are susceptible to, including cell phones, MP3 players, radios and laptop computers. When a driver’s negligent behavior causes injury to another person, the injured party may be able to bring a civil lawsuit against the driver for their personal injury damages, so they should call an expert Boston car accident lawyer.

One such motor vehicle accident occurred in Fresno, California in 2016. A young man was riding in the passenger seat of his girlfriend’s car down a major highway. As the vehicle passed through a green light, a tow truck ran through a red light and collided with the vehicle, causing serious injury to both the passenger and the driver, as well as significant damage to the vehicle itself. The male passenger required surgery and several months of recovery before he was able to return to his normal self.

Allegedly, the tow truck driver was looking down at his laptop during the time of the accident, which caused him to drive through the red light. The tow truck driver and his insurance company initially offered a $300,000 settlement for the personal injury damages. However, the attorneys for the male passenger, the law firm known as I Accident Lawyer, negotiated the settlement up to $700,000.

If you or a family member have been injured in a car accident caused by a distracted or negligent driver, you may be entitled to substantial compensation for your physical and emotional injuries. Please contact one of our expert Massachusetts personal injury lawyers, who will work tirelessly on your case. Call us at 617-787-3700 or email us at info@gilhoylaw.com for your free and private consultation.

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