Airborne Truck Barely Misses Police Officers On Highway Shoulder.

The frightful scene was caught on a police dash-cam. Two sheriff’s deputies and a state trooper were standing outside the trooper’s unmarked car near a traffic accident on I-80 in Iowa when a pickup truck flew through the air, only narrowly missing them in what could have easily been a fatal crash.

The driver of the pickup truck, 45-year-old Dana Miller, suffered only a minor cut to the forehead. All three officers walked away unharmed. The pickup truck became airborne after being struck by a semi. The driver of the semi, 49-year-old Michael John Smith was cited with failure to maintain control. According to police, this incident highlights the important of slowing down and moving over for emergency and disabled vehicles.

The video shows just how close the vehicle came to crashing through all three police officers. It also shows their ability to act fast, pausing only a moment before running to help the crashed pickup.

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