Bicyclist Seriously Injured After Being Struck by Truck.

Bicycles are a great way to travel and exercise.  They are light-weight, efficient, and above all else, fun to ride.  Technology and innovation have greatly improved bicycles in terms of both performance and design.  What was once a glorified seat on two wheels is now a high-performance machine of excellent mechanical and industrial design.  Since we are finally in summer, there are going to be more and more bicyclists on local roadways.  It is crucial, therefore, that drivers maintain a vigilant eye towards bike riders in order to avoid serious injuries or even wrongful death.

The opposite end of the vehicle spectrum of a bicycle, in terms of size and mass, would have to be trucks.  Trucks are large, practically armored vehicles that often carry tens of thousands of pounds of goods.  A truck’s large size and design make it ideal for transportation, but notoriously terrible for maneuverability and stopping abruptly.  If a bicycle and a truck come into contact with another, it is most likely going to result in serious injuries or even death for the cyclist.

To help prevent this, most trucks have sideguards: bars or solid steel that goes along the bottom of the truck to prevent bicycles and other small vehicles from sliding under the truck.  Truck guards, however, do not make truck collisions injury-free, but drastically reduce the likelihood of a cyclist being dragged under the truck, which can easily result in death. But, sideguards are only helpful when used.

Just this past week in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for example, a cyclist was struck by a Coors truck and was dragged underneath.  According to, the Coors truck that struck the cyclist did not have sideguards, causing the bicyclist to get sucked underneath the truck by the front tires.  Fortunately, the woman’s bike seems to have taken the brunt of the damage and jammed the tire once it became entangled.  The cyclist sustained serious injuries to her legs, but her injuries are apparently non-life threatening.  It is crucial that motor vehicle drivers keep an eye out for cyclists and take every necessary precaution.

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