Canadian Truck Driver Wants Police To Investigate And Prosecute Fellow Truck Driver For Near Accident.

A tractor-trailer driver in Canada is seeking a police investigation into the behavior of an unknown truck driver whose attempt to pass a snow plow on an incline resulted in a frightening near collision recorded on a dashboard camera.

Art Ginter is an experienced truck hauler with a wife and three children. It was for the benefit of his family that Ginter installed a dashboard camera to record some of the scenery of rural Canada. Ginter likely did not expect to record and then watch and rewatch his own near-death experience.

Ginter’s camera recorded his near accident on Highway 11 near Nipigon, Ontario. Ginter was driving his tractor-trailer downhill northbound on Highway 11. When he drove around a curved portion of the highway and started downhill, Ginter notice a snowplow and another truck. According to Ginter, he did not immediately realize what he was seeing. Upon comprehending that the oncoming trucker is trying to pass the snow plow on a two-lane highway, Ginter pressed on the brakes. As his massive tractor-trailer only barely slowed down on the snow-covered highway as the oncoming vehicles approached, Ginter swerved to the right, struck a rail guard and scraped along the rail guard inches away from the oncoming vehicles. By the time Ginter stopped and stepped out of his truck, the other vehicles were long gone. Ginter’s truck was damaged in the amount of $25,000 and Ginter is facing paying a $2500 deductible to his insurance company.

Ginter can be heard screaming and cursing in the video recorded by his camera. Ginter submitted the video to the Ontario Police for an investigation, and he also posted it on the video-sharing website YouTube. Ginter stated that he is awaiting police action regarding the other truck driver’s behavior.

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