Company Agrees To Pay Passenger In Truck $650,000 In Personal Injury Damages After Truck Accident.

Commercial trucks are significantly larger, heavier, and more difficult to control and operate than most other motor vehicles on the road.  They are designed for efficiency regarding their ability to transport large quantities of materials at a time, but not to make sharp, quick movements.  This is perhaps why there exists such an increased risk of accidents for commercial truck drivers and for them to lose control of their trucks and roll them over.  Trucks not only pose an increased potential threat to other vehicles and passengers, but also to their own drivers and any passengers.

One such injured passenger was Jean Paul Ricketts.  Rickets was a passenger in an Isuzu truck and combination trailer when it drove over an embankment onto a rugby field.  While no other vehicles were involved in the truck accident, Rickets was seriously injured.  Ricketts sustained injuries to his head, neck, legs and mouth and was unconscious for weeks after the truck accident.

Rickets had to undergo extensive medical treatment, physical therapy, and pay a considerable amount of money in hospital bills through no fault of his own.  In order to recover financial compensation for his injuries and medical bills, Rickets filed a personal injury lawsuit against the truck driver and truck company, Cape Forklift Services and Sales.  In order to settle the lawsuit, the defendants agreed to pay Rickets a total of $650,000 in personal injury damages.

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