Company Pays $3.5 Million After Bicyclist Struck by Delivery Truck.

Delivery trucks can be seen traveling along the road multiple times in any given day. Companies are dependent upon their delivery trucks to get their goods to a wholesaler or individual customers directly.  To make sure that their deliveries are done in an efficient, scheduled manner, companies train their drivers and organize their routes.  Because of this the companies are often responsible for how their employees drive during work hours.  If an employee drives negligently, an employer may be held financially liable for truck accidents caused by an employee during a work-related activity.

This is precisely the type of legal action that a Massachusetts bicyclist filed after he was injured by a commercial box truck.  The thirty-five-year-old cyclist was traveling in the bike lane of a local road when a box truck failed to yield while making a left-hand turn, striking the cyclist with his truck. The truck struck the cyclist directly, sending him toppling onto the road.  Even though the cyclist was wearing a helmet, he suffered multiple injuries to his head and underwent an emergency craniotomy at a local hospital.

The cyclists survived his injuries, but had to undergo months of physical therapy and has long term neurological damage.  His neurological damage has resulted in ongoing cognitive impairment, which makes multi-tasking difficult and has impaired his ability to work and do daily activities. To recover for his medical expenses, pain and suffering, and future loss of income and enjoyment of life, the cyclist filed a lawsuit against not only the truck driver, but also his employer, as the driver was doing a delivery for his employer at the time of the accident.  During the lawsuit, it was revealed that the driver had received multiple prior citations for poor driving and had numerous warnings and poor performance evaluations. Despite this, the driver’s employer allowed him to work his route, making them liable for the injuries sustained by the cyclist.  Rather than go through a trial, the company, which did not wish to disclose its name, settled the lawsuit for $3.5 million.

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