Deadly Pakistan Bus Accident Results In 42 Deaths.

In one of the worst traffic disasters in the last few years in Pakistan, a regional bus collided with a tractor-trailer on a busy highway in the Sukkur District of the Sindh Province of southern Pakistan. According to the latest count, 42 bus occupants have died and at least 30 others were injured.

In a nation famous for lax enforcement of traffic and bus safety laws, a bus traveling with 75 people inside instead of the occupancy limit of 60 would not usually be a serious issue. But a horrific traffic accident this past Sunday, April 20, 2014 brought serious scrutiny on public officials in Pakistan, specifically in the Sindh Province. Just prior to the crash, the driver of the overloaded bus attempted to pass a slow vehicle on a narrow stretch of a busy highway and ended up crashing into an oncoming tractor trailer.

The bus driver died instantly during the crash, while the tractor trailer driver suffered serious personal injuries. The bus became a mangled mess of twisted metal with 75 people trapped inside. The rescuers needed over an hour to cut through the frame of the bus and free the trapped injured passengers inside. Sindh Police officials report that 42 people have died as a result of the bus-truck crash, and that 30 people have suffered personal injuries of varying degrees. At least ten passengers remain in critical condition and have been transferred to a specialized hospital in Karachi.

The witnesses of the trucking accident have placed the blame for the accident on the bus driver, saying that he drove recklessly and made a dangerous maneuver by attempting to overtake a slower vehicle. Sindh Police have launched an investigation to determine whether either of the drivers was criminally negligent in causing the accident.

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