Driver of Stolen Truck Blames Truck Accident on Zombies.

In a bizarre story out of Southern California, 19 year-old Jeremiah Hartline, who stole and crashed a truck this past Wednesday, is now claiming that he was being chased by zombies at the time of the truck accident.

According to the California Highway Patrol, Hartline stole a truck loaded with strawberries. He proceeded to drive the truck onto Interstate 15, where he then reportedly crashed the massive motor vehicle into several cars. The truck accident caused personal injuries to seven people.

When interrogated by police, Hartline claimed that the reason for stealing the truck, and the resulting truck crash, was that he was being chased by zombies.

California Highway Patrol Officer Nathan Baer said that Hartline appeared to be in a delusional state when police arrived at the scene of the trucking accident.

Hartline suffered only minor injuries in the truck accident and was taken to a nearby hospital to receive treatment before being taken to a jail cell.

Two of the seven other people injured in the truck accident are believed to be in serious condition at area hospitals. There is no word yet on the extent of their injuries which resulted from Hartline’s actions.

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