Dump Truck Accident Results In Leg Amputation.

According to William Smith of Smithton, Illinois, he was forced to have part of his left leg amputated after a dump truck ran him over. Smith and his wife are seeking more than $400,000 in damages.

According to the complaint, Smith was working for Quality Testing and Engineering performing asphalt density tests at the intersection of Lakeview Acres and Illinois State Route 162. While Smith was engaged in his work, Thomas G. Volmer, an employee at B.P. Hauling, drove over Smith with a dump truck full of asphalt.

The tragic accident resulted in a partial amputation of Smith’s left leg and ankle. The suit also alleges shoulder damage and partial thickness burns to Smith’s arms, leg and back. Mr. and Mrs. Smith have named B.P. Hauling, Thomas G. Volmer, Thiems Construction Company and The Kilian Corporation in the lawsuit. Thiems was general contractor to the site, while Kilian had been hired to perform the asphalt work. The suit alleges Volmer and his employer failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to keep the dump truck under control and failed to implement a comprehensive safety program. In addition, the lawsuit accuses Thiems and Kilians of negligently allowing a dump truck to be backed into a construction zone without an audible reverse signal alarm and allowing the truck to be driven too fast.

The Smiths are seeking more than $400,000 in the lawsuit.

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