Dump Truck Crashes Into Pickup Truck in Louisiana.

Caddo Parish, Louisiana police are investigating a truck crash that occurred this past Friday morning on US Hwy. 71 involving a pickup truck and a dump truck.

Mhonda Tanner, 29, of Blanchard, LA, said that she was driving her pickup truck on Hwy. 173 and stopped at a stop sign to check for traffic at the time of the truck accident. A dump truck, which had the right of way, struck Tanner’s pickup as she pulled through the stop sign.

The dump truck driver lost control, smashed into some trees, and was ejected from his motor vehicle. He was transported to the LSU Health Sciences Center emergency room for treatment for his personal injuries after the motor vehicle accident.

Tanner was not injured in the truck accident.

Local police officials are still investigating the truck crash.

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