Dump Truck Rolls Over In Brimfield, MA Causing Injuries To Another Driver.

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Because of their large size, trucks and other similar vehicles are inherently more dangerous than the average automobile.  Therefore, it is expected that those entrusted with the operation of trucks will exercise greater responsibility when behind the wheel.  A reasonable duty of care is owed to both pedestrians and other drivers so that preventable accidents do not happen.  Employers may also be held liable for not providing adequate training to their employees or allowing unsafe vehicles or machinery to be used.

On Monday afternoon, the driver of a 10-wheel dump truck was driving on Route 20 in Brimfield, Massachusetts at around 1:00 pm.  According to the Massachusetts State Police, the immense weight of the dump truck somehow tilted the truck over to one side.  Unfortunately, the driver could not recover and the truck flipped onto its side, crushing another car beneath it in the process.  Police investigators are continuing to look into the cause of the truck accident.

The driver of the other car was taken by ambulance to the Harrington Hospital in Southbridge. Amazingly, the driver sustained only minor injuries. The dump truck driver was not hurt in the crash.  The names of the drivers involved have not yet been released to the press.

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