Emergency Responders Rescue Woman from Wet Cement After Truck Accident in China.

A woman in the Fuzhou, Fujian province of China miraculously escaped with only minor injuries after colliding with a cement truck and becoming buried in wet cement.

Onlookers captured numerous images of the rescue, which shows the woman, 35-year-old Yin Min Tai, trapped in her car and surrounded by wet cement as workers attempt to get at her from all directions.  .

According to reports, Yin Min Tai and her boyfriend, 39-year-old Lok Wan, took the wrong entrance onto a busy street in Fuzhou and attempted to make a U-turn without checking their mirrors.  A dump truck full of cement was traveling directly behind the couple and, when they abruptly slowed to make a turn, the driver was unable to stop.  The cement truck hit the back of the couple’s car, and the wet cement spilled over the car and the surrounding area.  Lok Wan was able to escape from the car before becoming trapped by the wet cement, but Yin Min Tai was stuck, as her side of the vehicle was crushed and covered in cement. 

Rescue workers who arrived on the scene had little hope for Yin Min Tai’s survival but, as they began to attempt to extract her from the vehicle, they heard he making noises.  After 40 minutes of work, the rescue workers were able to drag Yin Min Tai from the vehicle and found that she had only suffered cuts and bruises as a result of the accident.

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