Family Files Lawsuit Against Trucker and Employer After Crash Kills Mother.

The rapid growth of the commercial trucking industry is good news for trucking companies and the United States economy, but it is not such good news for the cars and vans that must also share the road with these potentially lethal trucks.  In Massachusetts alone, there are about 1,075 truck accidents each year, 34 of which are fatal.  Because of the disparity in size and weight, truck accident victims and their families are often left to face a life-changing tragedy.  If this scenario seems familiar to you, contacting a Boston, MA truck accident lawyer specialist is a necessity.

In October 2013, Serena Perosi was driving on Route 206 in Andover, New Jersey.  A tanker, driven by Harminder Singh, was traveling in the opposite direction when Singh lost control and crossed over onto the other side of the road and overturned.  The tanker struck Perosi’s car causing her severe injuries, which ultimately killed her.  The highway was shut down for over 12 hours and workers had to clean up more than 4,000 gallons of spilled gasoline.  Singh was charged with two traffic violations; however, no criminal charges have been filed against him.

According to, Perosi’s family has filed a lawsuit in Middlesex, New Jersey Superior Court against Sing and his employer, JAZ Trucking Corp.  The lawsuit alleges that Singh was driving at an excessive, dangerous, and careless speed and did not control the truck when it crossed into the opposite lane of traffic and struck Perosi’s car.  The family is seeking damages, interest and costs of the suit.  Carmen Luizza is representing the Perosi family in this lawsuit.

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