Firefighter’s Family Receives Wrongful Death Award After Deadly Fire Truck Crash.

The family of a Virginia volunteer firefighter, who was killed in a truck crash in 2010, has agreed to settle the case for $186,000.

The wrongful death case stemmed from a tragic fire truck accident on July 26, 2010, when a fire truck driven by 59 year-old Posey Dillon struck an SUV driven by Terri Valentine at the intersection of Route 40 East and School Board Road in Rocky Mount, VA.  The impact of the crash caused the fire truck to roll several times, ejecting Dillon and another firefighter riding in the truck, 67 year-old William “Danny” Altice.  Both Dillon and Altice died from their injuries.

A Virginia State Police investigation into the fatal motor vehicle crash revealed that Valentine had a green light at the time of the crash, and that Dillon had slowed at the red stoplight, but failed to stop completely before striking Valentine’s vehicle.

Altice’s family sued Valentine and Dillon’s estate, alleging that the negligence of these two drivers caused Altice’s death.  Altice’s family sought $2 million in wrongful death damages in the case.  In September 2013, a jury found that Valentine was partially negligent and awarded Altice’s family $9,984.37, which covered Altice’s funeral expenses.  Then, on Monday, March 3, 2014, Altice’s family settled with the Dillon estate for the $186,000 award.

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