Five Dead After Truck Accident Sets Off Explosion in South Africa.

Five people were killed and at least three more were seriously injured on Thursday, February 27, after a grocery truck rear-ended a box truck carrying explosives on a busy South African highway.  

Police officers responded on Thursday to the accident on the main highway between Johannesburg, South Africa’s capital city, and the country of Zimbabwe.  Shortly after the officers arrived, however, blasting cartridges located in the back of the box truck exploded, leaving a scene of destruction that covered several hundred square meters.  Four police officers and a motorist were killed in the explosion, and three more police officers were seriously injured.

The explosion also left a large crater in the middle of the highway.  Following the explosion, police closed on the area and shut down all traffic in both directions on the highway.
The accident occurred in South Africa’s Limpopo province.  South Africa has the continent’s largest economy, and the majority of its commercial travel takes place on roads.  South Africa has a high rate of motor vehicle accidents, and its government has introduced severe penalties for negligent driving in an attempt to curb the number of accidents.

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