Horrific Bus Crash In Pakistan Leaves 58 Dead Including 8 Children.

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Tractor-trailers and other types of trucks are essential to the transport of commercial products throughout the world.  In fact, in the U.S. alone, nearly 70% of all freight is handled by the trucking industry.  Without these powerful vehicles, thousands of people would not have jobs, and the transportation of goods would be far more difficult.  The need for large trucks, however, does not come without a steep price.

By design, trucks are large and cumbersome.  Speed and maneuverability are somewhat sacrificed in favor of horsepower and a greater ability to transport large quantities of goods.  When traveling at high speeds, especially on interstate highways, these vehicles can be difficult to stop in an emergency.  In spite of enhanced braking systems, tractor trailer trucks are nevertheless slow to stop, and can cause catastrophic damage and injuries if not driven properly.  Truck drivers are specially licensed, and are expected to demonstrate a high level of skill, in addition to caution, when behind the wheel.  In failing to perform their duties, truck drivers may be held liable for any physical, emotional or financial damages that come as a result.

On the morning of Tuesday, November 11, 2014, a large passenger bus left the Swat Valley region of PakistanThe bus was carrying 70 people, all of whom were headed for the southern port city of Karachi.  That morning, there was a heavy fog that was settling low across the valley.  Tragically, the driver of the bus could not react in time when the massive shape of a tractor-trailer emerged through the mist and slammed head on into the bus.

Both vehicles were thrown violently to the sides of the road, but the bus suffered far more damage.  It rolled several times and exploded when the fuel tank caught fire.  Pakistani emergency responders arrived at the scene only to find carnage.  After the fire was put out, 58 lifeless bodies were recovered, eight of which were children.  The survivors of the crash were lucky to have escaped, but all 12 were rushed to local hospitals for severe burn injuries.  It was a tragic day in Pakistan.

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