Maryland Trucking Accident Results In One Death.

A massive collision between a dump truck and a tractor-trailer resulted in the death of one of the drivers on Monday, March 31, 2014 in Maryland.

At approximately 11:16 a.m., on Monday, March 31, a tractor-trailer and a dump truck heading north on Interstate 95 near Perryville, Maryland collided with one another. The collision of the two massive motor vehicle resulted in the entire northbound side of Interstate 95 being blocked for a period of time.

Maryland State Police announced that one of the two drivers was pronounced dead at the scene of the trucking accident. The trucks were moved to allow some traffic through, but the police stayed on the scene until after 2 p.m. investigating the truck accident. The police would not say which of the two drivers died and did not reveal his identity.

The other truck driver did not appear seriously injured in the accident. The Maryland State Police are continuing to investigate the trucking crash.

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