Massachusetts Woman and Toddler Die After Crash with Cement Truck.

Trucks are an essential part of commerce in America.  They transport billions of dollars of goods and products across our country, and have become one of the most dependable sources of transportation.  While trucks are made to be particularly large for economic reasons, they are significantly larger, heavier, and more difficult to control than any other type of motor vehicle on the road. This is especially true for cement trucks.  Due to their increased size and lack of maneuverability, cement truck drivers need to take extra care when traveling on public roads.

Thirty-one-year-old Christina Russin was driving along Route 20 in Oxford, Massachusetts with her two young children in the back seat of her car.  Reports suggest that her car crossed the center lane and then collided with a cement truck traveling in the opposite direction.  The cement truck, which weighed over 90,000 pounds, completely obliterated her vehicle.  Nearby drivers and emergency responders tried to help, but Christina was pronounced dead at the scene.

Her two children, a nine-month-old boy and two-year-old boy, were also seriously injured.  Both children were rushed to the UMass Medical Center and given emergency care.  According to, despite the efforts of the medial staff, the nine-month-old was pronounced dead after being placed on life support.   His older brother is in critical, but stable, condition.   Officials commented that the size and weight of the cement truck were contributing factors in the extensive damage that Christina’s car withstood. The truck crash is still under investigation.

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