Massachusetts Woman Dies After Truck Rolls Over Onto Her Vehicle.

Trucks are an essential part of any modern society.  They transport billions of dollars of goods and products across the country, and have become one of the most proliferated and dependable sources of transportation.  However, while they are necessarily made particularly large for transportation purposes, the size and weight of commercial and utility trucks make them more difficult to control than any other vehicle on the road.  Their increased size and lack of maneuverability makes truck accidents particularity harmful and dangerous.

Unfortunately, this week acted as a tragic reminder of the harm that trucks can inflict.  According to, a woman was traveling on Route 495 south in Lawrence at Exit 42B at approximately 6:50 AM.  While driving her car, a dump truck rolled over in a construction zone, crushing the woman’s vehicle.  The driver of the truck was transported to Lawrence General Hospital with minor injuries; but the woman, whose identity is being concealed, was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The details and specifics of the motor vehicle accident are still under investigation.

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