Naked Man Injured Six People and Sprinted a Mile Before Apprehension.

On August 5 of this year, 44-year-old Tracy Martin stripped out of his clothes and decided to go for a drive. In his 1994 GMC pickup truck, the naked man sped down the left-hand shoulder of Interstate 71 in Blue Ash, Ohio. He sideswiped four cars and rear-ended a fifth before hitting the median and flipping his truck into a sixth vehicle.

After his truck stopped moving, Martin got out of the wreckage and sprinted for over a mile before he was finally apprehended. According to a WCPO article, it took several officers, including an off-duty state trooper, to stop Martin.

Trooper Kyle Doebrich stated, “He had his hands in the air and was yelling explicit language. He seemed very irate.”

Police initially did not believe that Martin had no clothes, but none were found in the car and the clothes found on the highway were too small to fit him. A witness who reached out to the Hamilton County dispatchers said she and several other people had tailed the man as he ran down the fast lane of the highway. During the call, she mentioned, “He has no shoes on, he is completely naked. People were offering him shirts out of the window. . . . He was ignoring them.”

The chase ended when a state trooper and an off-duty Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputy stunned Martin with a Taser after four baton strikes. Subsequently, a medical helicopter flew two people to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and four others were taken to Bethesda North Hospital.

The highway patrol is currently investigating whether Martin was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. According to the police, the toxicology reports will take several weeks. At this time, the Hamilton County Clerk of Courts website indicates that Martin faces a charge of aggravated vehicular assault and simple vehicular assault.

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