New Jersey Family of 12-Year-Old Paraplegic Settles for $20.5 Million in Truck Accident Case.

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What’s easier to do: drive forward or drive backward?  There is a simple answer to this question, and it isn’t hard to understand why.  Seeing in front of you in a car or truck is easy; you barely need to move your head, if at all, to see everything in front.  Looking behind you is another story.  Large trucks, in particular, utilize large mirrors to see what is behind and to either side of them.  Over the years, more safety features have been added to these behemoth vehicles to prevent accidents from happening.  Back-up cameras and loud beeping noises are built into the safety systems of trucks.  Unfortunately, even with these additional safeguards, truck accidents happen regularly in this state.  In fact, each year in Massachusetts, there are approximately 1,075 truck accidents resulting in 34 deaths.

In 2007, Daniel Matakitis of Chester, New Jersey was just 12 years old.  One night, he was staying with his grandparents, Charles Matakitis Sr. and Barbara Matakitis.   Also at the house that night was Daniel’s great-uncle, who owned a trucking company.  One of the company trucks was in the driveway that night while Daniel was riding his bicycle.  Before checking behind him, the great uncle began backing out of the driveway and struck young Daniel.  The accident caused major damage to his legs and arm.  After being rushed to a nearby hospital emergency room, doctors delivered grim news to Daniel’s parents: the boy would never walk again.

Infuriated and saddened by their son’s injuries, Daniel’s parents decided to file a personal injury lawsuit against the grandparents who were supposed to be watching him, as well as the trucking company owned by the great uncle.  After months of litigation, the defendants finally settled with the Matakitis family for $20.5 million.  According to the New Jersey Law Journal, the settlement was one of the largest in New Jersey state history. Attorney Brian O’Toole represented Daniel and his family in the lawsuit.

Coping with the physical and emotional consequences of a serious truck accident can be daunting.  More often than not, these situations are also financially crippling.  No family should have to deal with such terrible pain and agony, especially when caused by someone else’s negligence.  If you believe you have suffered injuries in a trucking accident, you may be entitled to significant compensatory damages.  Call our Boston law office at 617-787-3700 or email for a free legal consultation.  Your needs are our top priority!

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