New York Truck Accident Caused by Telephone Pole.

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Trucks are an essential part of commerce.  They transport billions of dollars of goods and products across the country, and have become one of the most dependable sources of transportation.  However, while trucks are advantageous for economic transportation, they are significantly larger, heaver, and more difficult to control than any other vehicle on the road.  Their increased size and lack of maneuverability make truck accidents particularly harmful and dangerous.

One of the dangers of trucks is that, with their large size and height, they require much more space to travel than a regular commercial vehicle.  Truck drivers often have to plan their routes accordingly by avoiding low bridges or underpasses, but accidents still happen.  Take, for example, a recent incident in Staten Island, New York in which a truck became entangled with a telephone pole and cable.  According to, the large dump truck may have had its back bed in a raised position while driving under the telephone cables, which caused it to become entangled and crash into the telephone pole.  Fortunately, no one was injured, but this demonstrates why truck drivers need to be attentive of their increased size and space requirements when driving.

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