Newburyport, Massachusetts Scooter Rider Run Over By Truck Driver.

A 16 year-old passenger on the back of a motor scooter was tragically run over by a pickup truck on Route 1 in Newburyport, Massachusetts on June 24, 2013. 

Newburyport police report that the pickup truck and the scooter collided just before the teenage scooter passenger fell unto the pavement and was struck by the pickup truck. Both the scooter driver and the passenger suffered personal injuries in the truck accident.

The scooter driver and passenger were both transported to the Anna Jacques Hospital emergency room to receive treatment for their injuries.  Firefighters on the scene state that both riders were wearing helmets at the time of the trucking accident.  The pickup truck driver, a 617 year-old man from Ipswich, MA, was not injured in the collision.

Police report that it is likely that the truck accident happened due to one driver not noticing the other. An investigator with the town stated that he expects someone to be charged for causing this unfortunate accident.

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