North Carolina Truck Driver Causes Multi-Vehicle Accident After Trying to Change Lanes.

Commercial trucks are significantly larger, heavier, and more difficult to control and operate than many other vehicles on the road.  They are designed for their ability to transport large quantities of materials at a time, not to make sharp, quick movements.  This is perhaps why there exists such an increased risk for commercial truck drivers to lose control of their trucks and roll them over.  While such events can be damaging in a regular passenger vehicle, the damage and risks are greatly increased when the vehicle is much, much larger.

This was the case recently on Interstate 40 in Durham, North Carolina.  At around 7:00 PM, a state trooper was parked along the barrier of the highway investigating an accident that had happened earlier in the day.  The trooper reported that he observed a tractor-trailer traveling down the highway; the truck driver attempted to merge from the left lane to the right lane.  As the semi was attempting to do this, however, it inadvertently struck a passenger vehicle in the next lane, causing it to lose control and strike the trooper’s parked patrol car.  The trooper’s car was propelled forward, striking another vehicle.

According to, the trooper was transported to the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, with non-life-threatening injuries.  The driver of the passenger car that rear-ended the patrol car was transported to the hospital in serious but stable condition.  No other injuries were reported.  The incident is still under investigation, but due to a tractor-trailer’s size and weight, something as simple as changing lanes can quickly turn into a multi-car accident.  Here, this put two people in the hospital and shut down most of Interstate 40 for two hours.

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