Pennsylvania SUV hit by Two Tractor Trailers Results in $3.8 Million Settlement.

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On July 30, 2010, twenty-three year-old Kyle Kelly was driving home from work in Pennsylvania when he was struck by a tractor-trailer. The driver of the rig was one Isabel Lopez. Mr. Lopez allegedly crossed the grass median of I-380 and slammed into Mr. Kelly’s SUV head on. As Mr. Kelly was sitting, disabled in the lane from the initial impact, a second tractor-trailer, driven by John Charles Bonyea, hit the SUV from behind.

The crash then continued to cause a pile-up. Another couple both died from their injuries after a third tractor-trailer barreled into that couple’s SUV while they were sitting in their car in the accident traffic.

Mr. Kelly suffered extensive head injuries, including two fractured eye sockets, a fractured jaw and palette, and a traumatic brain injury. He also had a broken foot, and various other injuries. “He basically fractured all of the bones in his head,” said Kelly’s attorney, Marion Munley, of Scranton, PA.

Mr. Kelly is an auto mechanic. It is likely that his injuries will forever preclude him from working in the same capacity he was working prior to the accident. He has had sixteen surgeries thus far. He continues to suffer from cognitive impairments and cannot walk without difficulty. It is also likely he will have arthritis as he gets older.

The lawsuit was filed in the Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania Court against Mr. Lopez, his employer Proud-2 Haul, Inc., Mr. Bonyea, and his employer Leonard’s Transportation. The complaint alleges that the parties were negligent in failing to safely drive the truck, violating federal motor carrier safety regulations, failing to keep accurate driver logs, and failing to maintain the truck properly. The parties settled with Mr. Kelly, but the division of who must pay what amounts has not been disclosed.

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