Pennsylvania Teenager Called a Hero after Tragic Pickup Truck Accident.

17 year-old Christopher Alvelo is being called a hero, after his role in a terrible truck accident that cost Alvelo’s life, caused serious personal injuries to Alvelo’s stepfather and injuries to three other teenagers.

This past Saturday, October 26, 2013, Alvelo’s 45 year-old stepfather Joseph Snyder was driving Alvelo and three 15 year-olds back to Philadelphia, PA from an Eagle Scouts community service project in a pickup truck. Snyder suddenly suffered a medical emergency. Alvelo grabbed the wheel and steered the truck away from traffic and into a nearby parking lot. However, Alvelo was unable to reach the brakes in time to prevent the truck from crashing into a parked paratransit bus.

Alvelo died instantly in the truck-bus collision. Snyder sustained a broken back, broken leg and a fractured arm, but is in stable condition at a local hospital and is expected to survive. The three teenagers in the back seat of the pickup truck sustained only minor personal injuries.

Alvelo’s family is calling him a hero. According to the local Pennsylvania police, Alvelo prevented the pickup truck from crashing into a tanker that was carrying heating oil. Certainly the trucking accident would have been far more devastating had Alvelo not steered the pickup truck away into a parking lot.

Local police are continuing to investigate the circumstances of this tragic truck crash.

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