US Postal Truck Accident Sparks Fire, Burns 120,000 Letters.

The United States Postal Service has reported that nearly 120,000 first-class letters were destroyed in a fiery motor vehicle crash in California involving a USPS truck on Tuesday, March 4. 

The crash happened at around 1:30 AM Tuesday morning on Highway 57 in Brea, California. At that time, the USPS truck crashed into the back of another tractor-trailer.  The truck crash caused a fire that engulfed both trucks in flames.  The fire burned for nearly an hour, and caused the California Highway Patrol to close three lanes of the freeway.

By the time the fire finally burned out, all 120,000 letters on the postal truck were lost, and both trucks were burned and melted down to piles of metal.  USPS has stated that it is impossible to know which specific letters were on the truck, but that all of the letters were mailed on Monday from Orange County to addresses east of Colorado.  USPS is offering documentation of the fire to any customer who is affected by late fees or penalties caused by a delay due to a letter or bill payment that was lost in the fire.

Police are still trying to determine the cause of the truck accident, and say that the driver of the USPS truck was not injured.

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