South Carolina Truck Driver Dies After Major Collision.

Eighteen wheeler trucks are massive. They can be transporting up to 80,000 pounds at any given time, and even more if given a special permit. This tremendous weight makes stopping for such a large truck much more complicated than a regular passenger vehicle. At 55 mph, it takes a large truck two football fields to come to a stop. In general, it takes an 18 wheeler 40% longer to stop than an average car. In adverse road conditions, it can take much longer. This can often be the cause of many truck-based accidents. It then may take the intervention of a Boston truck accident attorney specialist to ensure that the injured parties are fully and fairly compensated for the damages they received as a result.

According to, at approximately 5:00 AM near Highway 86 in Anderson County, S.C., an 18-wheeler’s inability to stop in time caused a major accident that resulted in the death of the driver. Kevin Lewis was driving his truck southbound on I-85 when he noticed a disabled Freightliner garbage truck in the third lane. Despite his attempts to stop, there was not enough distance between the 18-wheeler and the other truck, causing Mr. Lewis to collide with the truck at a high speed. His 18-wheeler overturned after slamming into the garbage truck, tragically killing Mr. Lewis. The garbage truck driver and passenger were sent to a local hospital for their injuries, but are expected to survive.

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