Speeding Truck Driver Blames Unfamiliarity For Crash That Sent Woman Off Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

Truck driver Gabor Lovasz was unfamiliar with the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and lacked the otherwise common knowledge that the bridge becomes slow with traffic on the eastbound span. His inattention and unfamiliarity with those conditions, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, is what caused him to drive his speeding tractor-trailer into two vehicles, throwing one car into the bay below.

Just a minute before crashing into the two vehicles, Lovasz had accelerated his tractor-trailer from a mere 8 mph to an unsafe 51 mph. When he was unable to stop his truck in time, he smashed into two cars. One of those cars, a Chrysler Sebring moving at only 4 mph was sent flying off the bridge and into the bay. The driver, Morgan Jade Lake, was forced to swim for her life after experiencing a 47 mph crash and 27-foot drop into the bay below. Fortunately, she survived.

This nearly fatal accident has caused lawmakers to take a second look at the bridge. The Maryland Transportation Authority recently announced that they will be spending $500,000 on new bridge safety signage warning motorists of upcoming traffic and the hazards of speeding and tailgating. The signs, according to MdTA, is only the beginning of a $300 million upgrade set for the bridge over the next six years.

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