State Appeals Liability in Connecticut Truck Accident.

Modesto Palafox Munoz was killed in a truck accident on Interstate 95 in Connecticut in 2008. The truck accident was allegedly caused by a state Department of Transportation worker.

It was alleged that the worker had negligently parked his truck too close to an exit lane and thereby caused a chain-reaction collision, involving Munoz and another tractor-trailer truck. Munoz was killed on impact. Another man, David Temper, suffered a severe leg fracture. Both Munoz and Temper were struck by the tractor-trailer truck.

Munoz’s estate and Temper brought a lawsuit against the state Department of Transportation.

The jury awarded a total of $6.7 million to the victims of the truck accident. The estate of Munoz received $4 million and Temper received $2.7 million.

Connecticut plans to appeal the decision. The state was originally found liable for only 30 percent of the damages. The tractor-trailer truck driver, the state maintains, was fully at fault because he negligently failed to watch the road when he ran into the other two motor vehicles.

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