Tanker Truck Crash in Louisiana Causes Huge Fire.

A major highway in Baton Rouge, Louisiana was closed for twenty four hours after a tanker truck caused a multi-vehicle crash.

The truck apparently leaked a flammable liquid, which caused an explosion and an extensive fire.  Witnesses reported that the fire, which extended over one hundred feet into the air, looked like it was from a movie scene.

The truck accident occurred when a car flipped over on the interstate highway.  The flipped car caused the tanker truck to suddenly stop, and the truck was then rear-ended by another 18-wheeler truck hauling beer.

The tanker truck that stopped was carrying about 9,000 gallons of isobutene propane gas.  The truck accident caused the extremely flammable gas to leak, which then caused the explosion.

Thankfully, there were not any reported personal injuries in the truck crash.

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