Texas Pick-Up Truck Collides With Church’s Mini-Bus Causing 13 Deaths.

On the road, trucks pose a greater risk of harm to other drivers than regular sized cars. In fact, large trucks are often harder to control because of their size and because they have much longer stopping distances than other smaller motor vehicles. Due to their bulk and size, pick-ups and other large vehicles are more likely to get into crashes that result in a rollover. If someone else’s truck has injured you, specialized injury lawyers can help get you fair and just compensation for your pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and other personal injury damages.

The unfortunate events of a horrific truck accident that happened on the 29th of March, 2017 has left many Texas residents mourning. Before the accident happened, three calls were made to 911 about an “erratic driver.” A motorist described a truck driving in an “erratic” manner on Highway 83 in the first report. Shortly thereafter, Real County, Texas officers unsuccessfully started searching for the pick up truck. 911 emergency officers then received a call of a reported crash between a minibus and the pickup truck.

The incident occurred when the truck, then located in Texas Hill County, hit a Church’s mini-bus. The mini-bus was carrying several senior members of the First Baptist Church in New Braunfels back home from a retreat. The bus was traveling south when the pickup truck going north changed lanes and hit the bus. The truck accident happened on a curve; the speed limit was 65 mph. The exact cause of the motor vehicle accident is under investigation. Unfortunately, thirteen of the Church senior members lost their lives in this tragic accident. Witnesses of the accident have described the crash site with horror; one of the motorists said: “It was a really gruesome scene.” Out of the thirteen victims, twelve of them, including the driver, died at the scene, while the thirteenth victim died in a hospital. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, only one member survived the crash.

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