Texas Woman Files Lawsuit Against Truck Driver and Employer Company for Injuries From Truck Accident.

Liable parties in truck accidents are parties who are found to have legal responsibility for their contributions to the accident; they can be sued in court for money damages.  In truck accidents or tractor-trailer collisions, there are multiple individuals and entities who may be liable to you for your injuries.  These parties may include: the driver of the truck; the employer of the truck driver; the owner of the truck; the manufacturer of the truck, trailer or any other parts; the drivers and owners of other vehicles; and the third party maintenance company.  If you have been involved in a truck accident, call a Boston truck accident attorney expert right away!

On February 26, 2016, Delaney Nelson was driving eastbound on Ranch to Market 2222 in Austin, Texas.  She was traveling through an intersection when her car was T-boned by a gravel truck, being driven by one Codie Korn.  The gravel truck allegedly crashed into Nelson’s car, while she was waiting at the light, and then ran Nelson’s car into a third passenger car.  Nelson suffered injuries to her face and ears.  She also suffered significant spinal injuries.

According to kxan.com, Nelson has filed a lawsuit against Korn and the Franco’s Trucking Company.  The lawsuit alleges that Korn failed to keep a proper lookout, failed to maintain proper control of the vehicle, and operated his vehicle in an unsafe manner.  Moreover, Franco’s Trucking Company was allegedly negligent because it was the company that hired Korn, who was a twice-convicted felon and had numerous driving convictions for driving under the influence.  By the time of the truck crash, Franco’s Trucking Company had already racked up 20 violations in the prior two years and one other crash in 2015.

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