Tractor-Trailers Collide In Brooklyn, One Man Killed.

A severe truck accident on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway (“BQE”) involving two semi trucks on Tuesday, October 16, has tragically left one truck driver dead. 

The truck accident occurred at around 11:20 PM. At that time, William Gardner, Jr., 50, of New Hope, Pennsylvania, rear-ended another tractor-trailer while traveling eastbound on the BQE.

Gardner’s truck then slammed into a wall on the shoulder of the BQE, causing him to be ejected from the passenger side window.

Garden was pronounced dead at the scene of the fatal trucking accident.

The 51 year-old driver of the other truck, whose name has not been released, did not sustain any serious personal injuries from the truck crash.

The NYPD is investigating the motor vehicle accident, but does not expect to file any criminal charges.

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