Truck Accident in Oklahoma Kills Four Softball Players.

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On September 26, 2014, a bus that was driving a women’s college softball team home from a game was involved in an accident in Oklahoma. The team was from the North Central Texas College. Russell Wayne Staley, the driver of a Quickway Transportation truck, crossed the grass median on an Oklahoma Interstate highway and slammed into the southbound bus.

Investigators have concluded that the truck left his side of the roadway at about 70 miles per hour and crossed the 950 foot barrier without breaking or swerving.

The crash killed four of the passengers in the bus, namely Brooke Deckard, Jaiden Pelton, Meagan Richardson and Katelynn Woodlee. All four were between the ages of eighteen and twenty. Many other girls were also gravely injured and required extensive hospitalization.

One of the two lawsuits that has been filed was brought by the parents of Brooke Deckard. A second lawsuit was brought on behalf of Rachel Hitt, a teammate who required several days of hospital treatment. It is likely that Ms. Hitt will suffer from her injuries for the entirety of her life. The extent of her injuries are still under investigation.

The suits were filed in the Tarrant County, Texas Court against Quickway Transportation and Mr. Staley. Each lawsuit asks for over $1 million in damages. The suits allege that Mr. Staley was distracted while driving, and that Quickway was negligent in allowing Mr. Staley to drive.

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