Truck Accident Results in $6 Million Settlement.

Trucks are an essential part of any modern society.  They transport billions of dollars of goods and products across the country, and have become one of the most proliferated and dependable sources of transportation.  However, while they are necessarily made particularly large for transportation purposes, the size and weight of commercial and utility trucks make them more difficult to control than any other vehicle on the road.  Their increased size and lack of maneuverability makes truck accidents particularity harmful and dangerous.

A Washington family was reminded of this danger when an overloaded dump truck crashed into their disabled car along Highway 522 in Snohomish County, Washington.  The truck was owned by Bobby Wolford Trucking and Demolition, Inc. and was traveling along the highway when it came upon the location where the family’s car had broken down. Their vehicle had stopped working, so they pulled to the far right-hand side of the road and put on their hazard lights.  The dump truck was unable to move around the stopped vehicle, however, and struck it from behind at a high rate of speed.  It took over 265 feet before both vehicles came to a full stop after the Collison.

All members of the family, whose identities were not revealed, was severely hurt.  The mother and father sustained serious, but non-life threatening injuries, while their son, then 6, and daughter, then 8, suffered skull fractures, numerous broken bones and other serious injuries. Their son was in a coma for weeks.  According to, a Washington State Patrol investigation found that the truck was operating while 22,000 pounds overweight, which severely limited its ability to turn and stop in order to avoid hitting the stopped vehicle. The family filed a personal injury lawsuit against Bobby Wolford Trucking and Demolition, Inc. and the truck driver.  The two defendants settled the case for $6 million: $4.3 million for the son’s injuries, $800,000 for the daughter’s injuries, and the remainder going to their parents and for future expenses.

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