Truck Driver Causes Injuries To Six People On Interstate 5 in Seattle, Washington.

According to the Washington State Police, on Thursday August 26, 2013, a semi-truck crashed into a charter bus and a passenger vehicle, after the truck driver lost control of the large vehicle in a rain storm.

The trucking accident took place near an on-ramp on Interstate 5 near Seattle, Washington. A heavy rain storm had just passed through the area and a rainshower was still ongoing, when the truck merged onto the highway from the ramp. According to State Trooper, Chris Webb, the truck driver entered highway traffic too quickly, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a charter bus. A passenger vehicle then crashed into the truck.

According to local authorities, a total of six people were injured in the truck crash. Three individuals on the charter bus sustained injuries; one bus passenger was critically injured. Two occupants of the passenger car and the truck driver were also injured. All six injured persons were rushed to the emergency room at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, Washington for medical treatment.

The police investigating the truck accident have not released the names of anyone involved. An investigation of the accident continues.

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