Truck Driver Dies Following Tragic California Trucking Accident.

In the early morning hours of Tuesday May 14, an as-yet unidentified truck driver crashed his truck into the railing of a bridge over East Walker River near Bridgeport, Nevada County, California. The truck caught on fire after the truck accident and the driver died inside the burning truck.

Officials from the California Highway Patrol and Department of Transportation were summoned to the fiery scene of the trucking accident at approximately 4 am on May 14. Local officials say that the truck failed to properly negotiate a curve in the road in front of the bridge, and then slammed through the bridge’s railing. The truck collapsed onto the bank of the East Walker River and became engulfed in flames. The driver died inside the truck’s cabin.

The highway has been closed for an investigation of the trucking accident. The Bridgeport Fire Department and the Mammoth Lakes Fire Department are coordinating a cleanup effort, as it is currently believed by local officials that the truck spilled possibly hazardous material onto the roadway and into the river.

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