Truck Driver In Mobile, Alabama Secures $14 Million Settlement in Accident Lawsuit.

Some of the most basic things in life are often taken for granted.  To demonstrate the point, how often do you stop to be thankful for the ability to walk?  If you’re like most people, the answer is probably “not often.”  Simple, physical abilities like walking, shaking hands, writing, and being able to shampoo your hair are often overlooked because nearly everyone can do them. You do these things every single day, yet you rarely imagine what life would be like if you couldn’t do them.  These are basic abilities that do not require skill, per se, but instead are part of a daily routine.

Perhaps one of the worst parts about tragic truck accidents is the fact that the most basic human functions can be completely obliterated.  Paralysis, unfortunately, is a very realistic consequence of a truck accident.  After spending decades walking and running on two strong legs, losing the ability to do these things is a stark reminder of how fragile life really is.

In July of 2011, Colin Lacy was working as a truck driver for FCC Environmental, a company that picks up oil from Jiffy Lube, Wal-Mart and other stores that sell oil changes. The company then recycles or disposes of the spent oil.

According to, Lacy’s truck was repaired by Empire Truck Sales during the previous month but had left a lateral control rod detached. Three days before the accident, Lacy noticed that the truck was vibrating and took it back to the dealer.  However, they did not fix the problem.

On July 14, Lacy was driving in Niceville, Florida when suddenly his truck started vibrating again.  Only this time, he lost complete control of the 18-wheeler.  He tried to stop, but the anti-lock brake system failed.  The truck jackknifed and flipped onto its side.  Lacy’s injuries were grave; he was paralyzed from the waist down and was hospitalized for several months.

After recovering from the brutal truck accident, Lacy filed a lawsuit against Empire Truck Sales for the negligent repairs done on his truck. Just recently, the two sides reached a settlement figure of $14 million.  The plaintiff was represented in the case by Attorney Greg Allen.

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