Truck Explosion Near Hospital in Mexico Results in Seven Dead and Dozens Injured.

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You may not realize it, but you are often surrounded by pressurized gas. Homes and offices frequently use gas for heating, and it is often relied upon for stoves. Tragically, gas sometimes ignites and causes devastating explosions. Gas explosions occur for many reasons, and may be due to such things as aging pipes, gas leaks, improperly installed gas lines, gas supplies left on during construction, and careless contractors and companies. They can occur in private homes, as well as commercial buildings, and can also be caused by faulty utility pipes or defective appliances. In recent years, in both Massachusetts and throughout the United States, aging pipelines have been the number one cause of gas explosions.

News affiliates are reporting a recent gas explosion at a major hospital in Mexico City, Mexico. Reports indicate that a gas truck owned by Gas Express Nieto, a prominent natural gas provider in Mexico, was near the The Cuajimalpa Maternal Hospital when there was a malfunction with one of its hoses. This malfunction reportedly caused a massive explosion that decimated the hospital. Early reports indicate that at least fifty-four people have been injured, twenty-two of whom are children. Seven people have been confirmed to have died as a result of the explosion, while an unknown number of people were trapped within the rubble of the hospital.

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