Trucks Cause 11% of All Fatal Road Crashes In The United States.

Researchers from an international organization have published a study involving motor vehicle accidents over the course of five years. The results of their study show that trucks are responsible for a disproportionate amount of wrongful deaths on the roads.

Experts looked at a variety of different environmental factors to determine the causes of the fatal motor vehicle crashes that occur on the roads.  One factor observed in the study was the percentage of trucks on the road, relative to the number of passenger vehicles.  Speed, driver condition, driver gender and weather were other factors considered in the study. The types of accidents involved were grouped into property damage only, non-impairing personal injuries, impairing personal injuries and fatalities.

In looking at this combination of factors and the results of the accidents, the researchers determined that fatal car crashes often result from a combination of causes. Some of the conclusions reached include: the exponentially increasing danger of higher speeds, the tendency of male driver to be more aggressive, and the dangers of inclement weather.

Not surprisingly, the presence of trucks increased the likelihood of fatal accidents. For every 1% increase in the number of trucks on the road, the danger of a fatal motor vehicle accident increased by more than 1%. If there was an increase in the volume of trucks on the road, fatal accidents were even more likely to happen if the traffic was lighter. Longer trucks were the most at risk for a severe crash due to their extensive blind spots.

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