Woman Died after Tractor-Trailer Collides with Pickup Truck on Massachusetts Turnpike.

This past Monday, September 30, 2013, a woman was killed after the pickup truck in which she was a passenger was struck by a tractor trailer on the Massachusetts Turnpike near Westfield, Massachusetts.

The fatal truck crash occurred at approximately 8 p.m. on Monday night. A pickup truck carrying three occupants, driver Jose Saldana, 30, Marcos Contreas, 37, and Maria Eugenia Fajardo, 37, all of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, stopped in the right lane of the highway. The pickup was struck in the rear by a tractor trailer. As a result of the collision, Fajardo sustained fatal physical injuries and passed away at the scene of the trucking accident. Saldana and Contreas were taken by ambulance to the Baystate Medical Center emergency room in Springfield, Massachusetts, where the two injured men remain in serious condition.

Massachusetts State Police is investigating the causes of the trucking accident, including the reason for the pickup truck stopping in the right lane of the highway. The police have confirmed that the Turnpike does not have a breakdown lane in the place where the truck accident occurred. In such circumstances, the car must be moved if possible, or the hazard lights must be turned on and the hood raised, according to the Department of Transportation guidelines. The police have not revealed whether any of the guidelines were violated.

The Westfield Fire Department and Department of Transportation are assisting the Massachusetts State Police in the investigation of this unfortunate trucking accident.

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