Woman Injured In Arkansas Truck Accident Sues Truck Driver For Injuries.

According to the Southeast Texas Record, Cathy Guignet was driving a tractor truck in Sevier County, Arkansas in her capacity as a driver for the Southern Refrigerated Transport when she was injured. While she was driving, she jackknifed into a tractor-trailer. Daryl L. Weaver, the driver of the tractor-trailer, was towing a flatbed trailer containing three automobiles. He was travelling on the other side of the road opposite from Ms. Guignet at the time of the truck crash. Mr. Weaver approached a slow-moving pick up truck pulling a trailer. It was then that he locked his breaks to avoid hitting the truck, but unfortunately, Mr. Weaver’s truck skid about 200 feet before entering the opposite lane and colliding with Ms. Guignet’s truck. After the two trucks collided, a fire broke out, engulfing and destroying the contents of both trucks.

Ms. Guignet filed a lawsuit in the Eastern District of Texas, Marshall Division. The lawsuit lists Mr. Weaver and the East Clay Carriers as the defendants. Ms. Guignet claims that the accident was the fault of the other truck driver because he was following other automobiles too closely and driving with an excessive speed.

Ms. Guignet accuses Mr. Weaver of negligence in failing to keep a proper lookout for other vehicles, failing to control the speed of his tractor-trailer, driving at an unreasonable speed, failing to operate his tractor in a single lane, failing to reduce his speed, and failing to apply his brakes in a timely manner. Ms. Guignet accuses East Clay Carriers of negligent hiring and retention, negligent supervision and training, and negligent entrustment.

Ms. Guignet is seeking money for her pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of earning capacity, medical expenses, physical disability and impairment, and lost wages. She is also seeking punitive damages, interest, and court costs. She is represented by attorney Kimberly A. Stovall.

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