North Carolina Man Fatally Hits Several Construction Workers With Truck.

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There are more motorists and vehicles on the road today than at any point in human history. Cars have become so typical on our roads that people often forget that they are two metric tons of metal that can easily reach speeds of over sixty miles per hour. They are also capable of inflicting tremendous harm.

This was sadly proven to be all too true this week in Morganton, NC when 37-year-old Timothy Robinson drove his truck down a closed lane of 1-40 early Friday. While going the wrong way, Robinson collided directly with three construction workers, killing one of them, and seriously injuring the other two who were rushed off to a nearby hospital. Police do not believe that alcohol or speed were factors, but criminal charges are expected to be filed. Three mens’ lives were dramatically altered or ended due to just one passing negligent motorist. There are millions of drivers on American roadways, and each one owes a duty of care to all nearby pedestrians and drivers. When that duty is breached, the negligent party may be liable for the injuries they cause.

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