Overturned Truck Releases Millions of Bees on Seattle, WA Highway.

Trucks are an essential part of inter-state commerce, and have become a dependable source of transportation for decades. Commercial trucks, however, are significantly larger, heavier, and more difficult to control than other passenger cars on the road. This leads to a lack of maneuverability and can result in truck accidents being particularly harmful and dangerous. This is especially true if the truck is hauling dangerous materials, such as bees.

At about 3:00 am on April 15, a truck driver on I-405 northbound near Lynwood in Seattle lost control of his truck and hit a guardrail. This caused the semitruck to fall on its side. Fortunately, no other drivers were around and the driver was unhurt. The truck, however, happened to be carrying crates with over 14 million bees which quickly began swarming at the exit ramp.

Firefighters and bee keepers were called, but they found it increasingly difficult to contain the swarm. As the day got hotter, the bees became more and more active and agitated. Fortunately, honeybees are not overly aggressive, but reports from seattletimes.com indicate that multiple drivers and bystanders were stung. There were no serious injuries as a result, but the consequences could have been much more severe if the accident occurred at a more populated area and time.

This is another reason why truck accidents can be so harmful. Trucks are not only massive vehicles with limited mobility, but often contain harmful or dangerous cargo. If you or a family member have been injured in a truck accident, please call our Boston truck accident attorneys 24/7 at 617-787-3700.       

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