Truck Driver Agrees To Pay $6 Million In Personal Injury Damages After Causing Accident That Injured Several People, Including A Toddler.

There are, on average, 150,000 Massachusetts auto accidents every year.  Tragically, approximately 4,500 of those auto accidents result in serious injuries to the victims; nearly 500 result in fatalities.  This has a large impact not only upon victims, but also upon their families. In fact, motor vehicle accident victims usually are not the only ones affected by their injuries.  A person’s family and friends are also impacted as well, in addition to other people they interact with, especially if they are a civil servant such as a fireman or teacher.  When a person is injured or killed because of another’s negligence, multiple people are affected, which is why the negligent party should be held accountable.

An Arizona family tragically had their lives changed forever because of the actions of one negligent driver.  Two young boys, five-year-old Ricardo Youngblood and his five-month-old brother Colton, were traveling in the family car with their father one afternoon.  Suddenly, the Youngbloods’ car was struck by an oncoming Dodge pickup truck being driven by Peter Robbins.  According to, Robbins had blacked out and then crossed the center line, hitting the Youngbloods’ car head on.  As a result of the collision, Ricardo suffered a broken leg and Colton was left with severe brain damage; he is permanently blind and is only able to eat with the aid of a feeding tube.

To recover for their severe personal injuries, the Youngblood family filed a personal injury lawsuit against Robbins, arguing that his negligence caused their many injuries.   Robbins reportedly settled the lawsuit by agreeing to pay $6 million in personal injury damages.  The money is intended to pay for the extensive medical expenses incurred by Ricardo and Colton, as well as to pay for Colton’s future medical treatment, in addition to their pain and suffering.

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